Steps for a Graffiti Project

Here I would like to explain how I make a graffiti project. This is the usual process that I do before I go to paint a mural, however I have to admit that sometimes the process changes depending on the project and the time I have to do it. I will use the images from the Santa’s Secret Village project to show you the steps to make a graffiti project.

Step 1

sketchAfter I have received the brief, I create some sketches based on the ideas that the client has given me. This sketches are usually hand made drawings that I do with a pen or a pencil. I send this sketches to the client for him to have a look and let me know if they are ok before I go to the next step.

Step 2

sketch-colorWhen the sketch is been approved I use the computer to add some color to the drawing, just so I have an idea of the spray can colours I will need to get. At this stage there might be some changes from the initial design, if you notice there is a little decoration added to the tent of the santa’s home.

Step 3

projected-image2Using the computer again, I place the design in the picture of the place where I am going to paint, I do this to be able to show the client a projected image of how the final artwork will look like, as you can see the client will have a clear idea of what’s going to be painted.

Step 4

painting-graffitiThen the real fun begins and I go to do the painting. You would be surprised with how the steps above take much longer time that the actual fact of going to do the painting, the reason is because the spray can technique is quite quick, much quicker than using brushes or airbrush in my opinion.

Final Artwork

final-graffitiAnd this is it!, the final piece becomes ready 🙂

I hope this gave you and idea of how I make my graffiti work with spray cans and using some computer skills.

Thank you for reading and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any graffiti.

Cholo Apolo