How much do you charge for a graffiti project?

Prices depend on the kind of project, there are many factors to take into account when making a quote for a graffiti project, ie. how difficult is the image to paint, how long it will take me to do the painting ( from designing it to go to do the actual painting), also the size of the wall, etc…to get a quote please fill in the Get a quote form.

Is Cholo Apolo your real name?

No, Cholo Apolo is just my graffiti name, most people call me just Cholo which is been my pet name since I was a teenager.

Do you do only graffiti?

No, I am also a professional graphic and web designer with a high level of experience.

Can you travel for painting?

Yes, I like traveling, although I will have to charge you for travel expenses if you are based outside London.

Will you do any illegal graffiti if I ask you?


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, in most cases I will require a 25% deposit after the quote has been approved, this will cover the design time and the purchase of materials before going to do the actual painting. I believe it is a fair amount to ensure the commitment of the customer and myself.

What do you use for painting?

I use Montana Colors (MTN) spray cans, which I consider to be very good plus my hand is used to the pressure of the spray cans and the products of this Spanish brand.