Graffiti Names

During my life I always have had crazy and stupid ideas to become rich, unfortunately none of them have worked yet, but one of the most fun things I have done is been to draw people’s names in graffiti style using acrylic markers on board, some people have used their graffiti names for hanging them in their bedroom door, or sometimes to give them as a nice present.

Last Christmas I opened a stall at the Bricklane Market in East London to make these Graffiti Names for anyone who wanted one, I had to say it was very fun and I got to meet some people, although I had to stop the market because it was too cold! plus the price for having a stall I think it wasn’t cheap, at the end it is the market who really makes a lot of money from the traders, it would be better if they could make it cheaper to help new traders.

Here you can see some of the Graffiti Names I did while drawing in the market, If you would like to get your Graffiti Name do not hesitate to let me know.

Graffiti Names - Cholo ApoloGraffiti Names - JuliaGraffiti Names - NatalieGraffiti Names - DanGraffiti Names - NickGraffiti Names - JimGraffiti Names - AnnaGraffiti Names - MaryGraffiti Names - PaulGraffiti Names - SarahGraffiti Names - MelanieGraffiti Names - ChloeGraffiti Names - KatieGraffiti Names - ValGraffiti Names - Gian CarloGraffiti Names - Laura