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India’s Graffiti Bedroom

India's Graffiti Bedroom

India is a sweet 9 years old girl who loves street dancing. She is in crew called Riots, they are the Essex under 12 champions. India wanted her graffiti bedroom to be a street dance theme, with herself being shown as a… View More

New York Graffiti Bedroom


Shane’s mum, Sarah Lisa, wanted to treat her son to something nice, and she knew Shane wanted a New York at night scene in his bedroom wall. They send me a picture of the wall and let me know what kind of… View More

Santa’s Secret Village


Santa’s Secret Village offers children to have an audience with Santa at Christmas, the show takes place inside a magical decorated yurt, which is located in front of Southbank Centre on Queen’s Walk within the Cologne Christmas Market. I was commisioned to… View More

Graffiti at Taboo Ibiza Lap Dancing Club

Graffiti at Taboo Ibiza Lap Dancing Club

I got commissioned to paint the Taboo Ibiza Lap Dancing Club in the heart of the West End of San Antonio. At the entrance I painted the image of the main poster of the club with the Taboo logo, and inside I… View More